What age should my child start swim lessons?

We usually recommend introducing children to the water as early as possible but please ask your physician prior to making a decision. The first level of our Group Lessons is available for babies over 6 months of age. Adult participation is required for Infant Splash and the first three levels of Group Lessons but not Private Lessons.


Where can I find available class times?

You can view available class times during the online registration process or you are welcome to call or stop by and a member of our team will help you find what you are looking for. 


Do you offer swim lessons for adults?

We do offer Private Lessons for adults of all ages and we usually schedule them during the quieter hours of the day when there are only other adults in the pool.


Do you offer lap swim or open swim?

We do offer competitive stroke technique coaching with very advanced swimmers however we do not offer lap swim as our pools are too short and too warm (90˚ Fahrenheit). Open recreational swim times are available Friday evenings and Saturday mornings for families of registered students.


Do you offer water aerobics?

Not at this time however, we have several classes in development so it would't hurt to check back with us at a later date.


How many pools do you have, how deep are they and what temperature are they kept at?

We have two pools. Both are 4ft. deep and heated to approximately 90˚ Fahrenheit.


Are your pools chlorine or saline?

We use a mixture of bromine and chlorine in our pools. Bromine's odorlessness and stability at higher temperatures help to keep warm indoor environment fresh and sanitized. While we would love to use saline, it can not adequately handle the high bather load of our pools.


What are your hours of operation?

They change depending on the season but an updated version can always be found here.


What should I bring for my child's first lesson?

A swimsuit (a cloth diaper for children 3 years of age and under), a towel and goggles. That's it! We have a selection of cloth diapers and goggles in our boutique if you need to purchase them.


Can my child wear disposable diapers?

Children 3 years of age and under, potty trained or not, are required to wear a cloth diaper at all times in our pools. Disposable diapers will clog our filters and can cause pool closures. We will have a selection of cloth diapers available in our Beard Swim Co. store.   


How do I register my child for a lesson?

Please carefully read through our lessons and levels, sign up based on your child's ability and schedule a time. It's that simple. If you need help at any point, please contact us and we will walk you through the process.


How do I pay for lessons?

When you register online you will be prompted to set up recurring payments via credit card. If you register at our front desk, one of our staff members will assist you. We do not accept cash or checks for lessons. 


How long is each swim lesson?

Our lessons are 25 minutes in length. Please ensure your child has an appropriate swim diaper and/or bathing suit on and has used the restroom 5 minutes prior to entering the pool. Our instructor will start the lesson on time to stay on schedule.


Will I need to change class day / time when my child graduates to the next level of their group lesson?

Most likely. We will of course do everything we can to find a new day / time that works for you.


Will I need to change class day / time of a private lesson when my child graduates to the next level?

In most cases, no. Private lessons are ongoing and our instructors are qualified to teach all levels.


What is your instructor to student ratio?

We maintain a 1:4 ratio for group lessons and  a 1:1 ratio for private lessons.


Will my child have the same instructor for every lesson?

We feel the child/instructor bond is very important to your child's ability to retain information and excel which is why we prioritize consistency when we schedule our instructors. There may be circumstances that require substitute instructors to step in from time to time but that will be as infrequent as possible. 


Can I make a request for a specific instructor?

Yes and we will absolutely do our best to accommodate it but we cannot guarantee availability.


What can I do if my preferred instructor's schedule changes and they have no availability?

Please make a request and we will absolutely do our best to accommodate it but we cannot guarantee availability.


How do I change my time / day / instructor?

Please make a request and we will absolutely do our best to accommodate it but we cannot guarantee availability.


Why are parents not allowed on the pool deck?

We have found that students are able retain information and perform better when their sole focus is their lesson / instructor...and you deserve a break so we built a really nice viewing area for you to hang out in.


How many lessons a week should my child attend? 

Swimming can be a perishable skill and most children do very well with one Group Lesson per week. A second Group Lesson per week can quicken advancement and be helpful for children struggling to master certain skills however, consistency is more crucial than quantity. For those wanting individual attention, we offer Private Lessons and for those seeking rapid advancement and/or peace of mind, we offer an Accelerated course that teaches skills useful for accidental exposure to aquatic environments. To maximize the effectiveness of  the Accelerated course we recommend it be followed up by weekly Group or Private Lessons.


Is it a problem if my child is not as advanced as the other children in his / her lesson?

If your child meets the skill requirements for the level they are registered for, they will likely do well. If our instructor thinks an error has been made in your child's placement or that your child could benefit from private lessons, they will work with you and the front desk staff to make any necessary adjustments.


How will I know when my child is ready for the next level?

When all skills for that level have been mastered, your child will be awarded with a Beard Swim Co. certificate of completion and we will then work with you to find a lesson time at the next level.


When will my child be water safe?

Water can be dangerous and in most instances it should not be feared but it should ALWAYS be respected. With that understanding, it is through preparation and education that we at Beard Swim Co. are able to make your child water smart, giving them the proficiency and confidence needed to safely immerse themselves in the aquatic environments and activities they will encounter throughout life. Risk is never eliminated but it can be greatly reduced.


Should my child skip their lesson if they are sick?

If your child is vomiting, has diarrhea or a fever please wait at least 24 hrs. after symptoms have ceased before bringing them in to swim. A common cold is usually not a problem but always consult a licensed physician before making a decision and please let your child's instructor know so that curriculum adjustments can be made if necessary.


If my child misses a lesson, do you offer makeups?

We do not offer makeup lessons however, if there is a facility closure and your child's lesson is cancelled, we will add a visit to your plan at no charge.


How many lessons do students get per month? 

Group and Private students receive a minimum of four lessons per month. If an individual receives less than four lessons due to facility closures, their account will be prorated accordingly. 


Do you close the pool during lightning storms and potty accidents?

While the former may seem more dangerous it is actually the latter that we close the pool for however, our filtration system is strong enough that we are able to get our lessons going again in about an hour. If your child's lesson is cancelled due to a code brown, we will add a visit to your plan at no charge.


Why don't you offer makeups? Why are my registration and lesson fees nonrefundable?

Signing up for a lesson reserves the time of our instructors and facility space. Your child is occupying a spot that another child cannot fill even if you were to schedule time off in advance. A solution for vacations we can offer is to withdrawal your child from their reserved spot but we do require 30 days notice and there would be no guarantee that your desired day/time would be available upon return.


Can I put a hold on my account?

Due to very limited lesson space, we cannot put a hold on your account. If you need to give up your space, we will keep you updated with lesson and scheduling changes but will not be able to guarantee lesson availability.


How do I withdrawal from lessons?

If you would like to give up your reserved lesson day / time, please pick up a withdrawal form at our front desk and submit it to a Beard Swim Co. staff member in person. You must notify us 30 days in advance.


Will I lose my time / day / instructor if I cancel my child's lessons?

Yes. Your day / time / instructor will be given to the next customer on our waiting list.