The drop-in fee is $29 per student, per lesson.


There are no restrictions on the number of drop-ins that can be scheduled provided appropriate lesson levels/times are available.


We can not guarantee there will be space available as the demand is high.


To schedule a drop-in, you must call us between 2-3pm on the day you would like your child to swim. New student registrations and last minute absences prevent us from being able to offer accurate advanced scheduling of drop-ins.


Drop-in lessons are only offered in a group lesson setting.


There is no guarantee the instructor of your choice will be available.


There are no walk-in drop-ins and there are no standbys.


To be eligible for drop-ins, your account must be in good standing and your child must be currently enrolled in a group or private lesson with no pending withdrawal. Once you submit a Farewell Form you are no longer eligible for drop-ins.


There are no cancellations or refunds for drop-ins. Once you call and we confirm a time slot, you will be charged.


We DO NOT recommend drop-ins if your child:
Is anxious in the pool.
Has separation anxiety.
Is not comfortable with water submersions.
Does not adjust well to new instructors.
Does not adjust well to new classmates.