Why Beard Swim Co.?

Beard Swim Co. is owned by Former World Champion / 7-Time Olympic Medalist Amanda Beard  and operates in a private facility that was designed and built for teaching our proven curriculum. We are swimming experts and our product is excellent swimmers.


Where can I find available lesson times and how do I register my child?

Please read through our swim lessons and swim levels to get a better idea of the product you are looking for, then submit an online registration request and a member of our team will contact you to complete the registration process. If you have questions and would prefer to speak to one of our team members immediately, please give us a call us or stop by.


At what age should my child start swim lessons?

We highly recommend introducing children to the water as early as possible but please ask your physician prior to making a decision. The first level of our Group Swim Lessons is available for babies over 6 months of age. Adult participation is required for the first three levels of Group Lessons but not Private Swim Lessons.


If my child experiences anxiety while learning to swim, should I remove them from lessons?

It is very normal for children to experience stress when entering a new environment and when meeting new people. While removing them from lessons may alleviate their immediate anxiety, the result can end up being a lifetime of anxiety. Usually, the best solution is to provide children with repeated positive swimming experiences until they realize there is nothing to fear. Some children take longer than others to acclimate but since swimming is potentially a life saving skill, the results worth the wait.


When will my child be able to swim?

Because we are capable of teaching all skill levels, from babies to Olympic hopefuls, the answer really depends on your goals. If your main concern is safety, we highly recommend making swimming a part of your child’s lifestyle. This means year-round lessons and frequent recreational swimming up to at least the age of 8. Risk of injury is never eliminated but it can be greatly reduced through continued education and development of skills.


How many lessons a week should my child attend? 

Most children do very well with one Group Lesson per week. A second Group Lesson per week can quicken advancement and be helpful for children struggling to master certain skills however, consistency is much more crucial than quantity. For those wanting individual attention, we offer Private Swim Lessons and for those seeking rapid advancement, we offer an Accelerated course that teaches skills useful for accidental exposure to aquatic environments. To maximize the effectiveness of  the Accelerated course we recommend it be followed by enrollment in weekly Group or Private Lessons as swimming is a perishable skill. In other words, it requires regular practice to maintain–especially if the goal is to reduce risk of injury.


Do you require a minimum number of lessons?

We require a commitment to eight lessons due to the need of many students to acclimate to the new environment and their instructor before showing progress.


How many lessons do students get per month? 

Group and Private students receive four lessons per month. If an individual receives less than four lessons due to facility closures, their account will be prorated accordingly. 


If my child misses a lesson, do you offer makeups?

We do offer makeup lessons. Please read the makeup policies page for details.


Do you offer drop-ins?

We do offer drop-in lessons. Please read the drop-in policies page for details.


Should my child skip their lesson if they are sick?

If your child is vomiting, has diarrhea or a fever please wait at least 24 hrs. after symptoms have ceased before bringing them in to swim. A common cold is usually not a problem but always consult your physician before making a decision and please let our team know so that curriculum adjustments can be made if necessary.


What should I bring for my child's first lesson?

A swimsuit (a cloth diaper for children 3 years of age and under), a towel and goggles. That's it! We have a selection of cloth diapers and goggles in our boutique if you need to purchase them.


Can my child wear disposable diapers?

Children 3 years of age and under, potty trained or not, are required to wear a cloth diaper at all times in our pools. Disposable diapers will clog our filters and can cause pool closures. 


How many pools do you have, how deep are they and what temperature are they kept at?

We have two pools. Both are 4ft. deep and heated to approximately 90˚ Fahrenheit.


Are your pools chlorine or saline?

We use chlorine to keep our warm indoor swimming environment fresh and sanitized. While saline is an excellent choice for residential pools, it cannot adequately handle the high bather load of our pools.


Why are parents not allowed on the pool deck?

Our deck supervisors have a roster and keep a head count in each class so they know exactly who is in the natatorium at all times. When the pool deck doors are opened without our knowledge, there is a potential for children waiting in the lobby or shower area to walk on deck unnoticed. THIS IS A MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD. Additionally, when the pool deck doors are opened in the middle of lessons it can be distracting to our deck supervisors, lifeguards, instructors, and students. 

If your child is in the natatorium and you need assistance please speak to our front desk team. They will gladly help with any needs you or your child may have.


What is your instructor to student ratio?

We maintain a 1:4 ratio for group lessons and  a 1:1 ratio for private lessons.


Will my child have the same instructor for every lesson?

We feel the child/instructor bond is very important to your child's ability to retain information and excel which is why we prioritize consistency when we schedule our instructors. There may be circumstances which require new instructors to step in but we always attempt to make substitutions as infrequent as possible. 


Can I make a request for a specific instructor?

Yes and we will absolutely do our best to accommodate it but we cannot guarantee availability.


How do I change my time / day / instructor?

Please make a request and we will absolutely do our best to accommodate it but we cannot guarantee availability.


How will I know when my child is ready for the next level?

Our deck supervisors watch every lesson and work with our instructors to provide you with a quarterly progress report so you can track the new skills your child is learning. When a level has been mastered, your child will be awarded with a Beard Swim Co. certificate of completion and we will work with you to find a lesson time at the next level.


Will I need to change the day / time when my child graduates to the next level of their group lesson?

Most likely. We will of course do everything we can to find a new spot that works for you.


Will I need to change the day / time of a private lesson when my child graduates to the next level?

In most cases, no. Private lessons are ongoing and our instructors are qualified to teach all levels.


Do you close the pool during lightning storms and potty accidents?

We do not close the pool during lightning storms unless the power goes out. If there is a potty accident in the pool, we will stop classes until the pool is sanitized. If your child's lesson is cancelled due to a power outage or a code brown, a makeup lesson will be credited to your account.


Why are my registration and lesson fees nonrefundable?

Signing up for a lesson reserves the time of our instructors and facility space. Your child is occupying a spot that another child cannot fill even if you were to schedule time off in advance.


Can I put a hold on my account?

We cannot put a hold on your account but if you need to give up your space and know when you would like to return, we will gladly keep you updated with current lesson availability.


If I ever need to withdrawal from lessons, what steps do I need to take?

If you would like to give up your reserved lesson day / time, please contact our front desk team 30 days prior to the lesson you wish to be your last and they will provide you with a link to our Farewell Form. Once you have submitted your paperwork, we will confirm your request and open your spot for other customers to reserve.